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Intuitive Healing
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Healing is our birthright.

We are in a crisis that has left us separate from the source of life. It sounds like a bellow, it looks like loneliness, loss, disconnection. It can be very painful. The internal song and guide have become quiet.

There is a counter song. An embodied joy. It comes from primal ground and is the source of play, creativity, humor and song. Light is the source. The sound of this is the story of healing. 

I work with clients to engage and root within this place of connection. It is a connection to our souls song, voice and light. There to guide each one of us on our own unique and vitally important journey. The view within this story is wide and long and when seen through the lens of deep honor and compassion, it is magnificently beautiful. 

We are here to evolve and grow.

Over the course of a lifetime, many parts of ourselves can get fractured, disjointed and sometimes even broken. We often begin to lose any memory of ourselves as full, purposeful and confident. When this happens, it is as if an ancient thread is broken and the memory of our infinite potential dims.

Every person I have ever worked with comes to me brimming with untapped potential that they know is there, but are unable to activate in their present condition. I see it as my job to bring this potential to life, and I do this by identifying blockages, aligning goals, fostering understanding and catalyzing immediate healing through the removal of obstacles.

In our work together, we identify traumas in both the ancient bloodline and current life experiences that show up as subtle and not so subtle barriers to health and vibrancy. We address a set of complex, interwoven factors at a level of detail that is difficult to access via traditional therapeutic methods. This creates a map for our minds and bodies to move forward into uncharted territory, where we are finally free to evolve into our whole human potential.

It has been said that every crack of dawn brings new life. All we have to do is see ourselves clearly.


"I've done many years of talk therapy, which has been helpful to a point. When you already have good awareness of where your mental roadblocks are, it can be frustrating to not know how to move past them. Talk therapy did not help much with this process. When I was referred to Kate for Intuitive Healing, I finally felt like I had discovered the path to meaningfully move through the energetic blocks that were informed from previous traumas. Situations or interactions that were previously challenging for me became simple: I no longer felt like I was swept up in an internal emotional whirlwind. Kate has helped change my life and my career, and the effects of this work are still unfolding to this day."

Brooke Bailey PT

"I have worked with many healers over many years. Kate is different. I experienced extreme traumas in my childhood. The best kind of healer for me is someone who is kind, gentle and, strong! Kate brings these qualities to her work and more. Kate has a deep clear understanding of how energy moves through our bodies and clearly sees where things get stuck and blocked. Not only that, she's also highly skilled in offering needed support to assist in the unblocking. During my work with Kate, she has helped me access places that are so primal and deep and that I'd feared, in the past. Not only does she offer comforting support during the session, she's also available for brief follow up check-ins; a sign of honest sincere caring. I would never hesitate for one second to recommend Kate and have actually suggested to several people that they work with her. In a recent session with Kate she helped me take a huge step forward towards healing a lifelong challenge. The day of and the day after the session were tough as deep grief and sadness came to the surface. This was exactly what was needed. By the end of the second day I felt released from this lifelong challenge. I felt much lighter and a clear certainty that an enormous piece of healing had occurred."

- Linda Resca, M.S.

"It is extremely difficult to find authentic and skilled practioners in the world. Kate possesses a particularly rare skill set that allows one to see the larger picture. This perspective fosters an immediate ability to effectively respond to and resolve trauma, challenges and distress. This work illuminates a path for long-term and efficient personal growth and increases one's capacity to navigate complexity. She is a precious jewel!"

~Nina Gonzales

"I feel very grateful to have been able to spend that time with you and have that experience. It lifted a weight off my shoulders and healed parts of me I did not know how to heal or if they needed to be healed. Some I did not even know were there. Still feel a bit strange but I guess that’s normal!

Thank you for what you do!! I absolutely loved it and much appreciate it from the bottom of my heart."

~Madalena Tavenier

'It's hard to believe we're approaching the last session.  It's been a very special season in my own growth; I'm going to be able to take a lot of this forward for growing, understanding, seeing and playing!  What I'm most encouraged about is that this work, plus the health and counselling I'm getting, is sustainable.  Earthing, playing, meditating, seeing, being; plus the reading, study and writing I'm doing are solid tools to see and be who and what I can desire and choose to be. I truly hope this has been a blessing to you as well.

Some of the things I'm taking with me and will continue to discover and work on: I can love and I'm able to be loved. I've been able to look into past relationships and See them in a real sense.  Recognizing past trauma, seeing real emotions and experiences and being honest with myself about them. All the times I took it personal and the self loathing that came with it.  I was indentured to responsibilities and attached to them like an unbreakable oath.  Believing that I was guilty of a fault and living in a confused reality; accompanied by self-doubt and low self-esteem.  Where I believed that I was worthy of a less future, I'm worthy of the respect, care and love of others. I was able to disassemble the parts of me that carried shame and condemnation of myself.  To see the boy I was and am; play in that time; be held, loved, comforted, doted on.  That I can feed that boy good things and strengthen him.  I was able to disassemble the crowd, break up that assembly and not have the past negative relationships affect my decisions but hold the precious and real memories that are there.  These are lessons and experiences; not masters.
As I reassemble, I discovered my Ancestor, his calm confidence and the lessons he's teaching me.  Finding my real mother and not the Icon that was presented to me.  She's not disappointed or displeased.  She loves me and holds me close.  
Now, I can stay in the moment; a non-judgemental stream of experience.  I can understand the juxtaposition of reality and fantasy in my own thinking. Being and Seeing in real and present tense. Where my solar plexus was a dark, dense space filled with barriers and obstacles; it's now a vast locus that I can wander curious. 

I can love and I'm able to be loved. I am loved. I can discern between reality and fantasy; use discernment in relationships and relating to others. I can be Seeing; real life. I can Create. I can Communicate - Ideas, beliefs, thoughts and be honest in them. I can experience emotions. I can decide what's mine and not mine. I am capable and can be Trusted; even in and of myself. Developing all of this will take time, training and practice.  I can continue in my journey and passion for life long learning.  (I'm also developing a new vocabulary)
I have Potentiality, a reason and a purpose. I can realize my full potential.
Thank you again"

~Joe Botkin

"I woke up this morning and was blessed by the lack of the frantic energizer bunny.  And I realize that feeling of panicked frenzy (which I know well) is my cue to ground my energy!  I am also picturing myself walking beside (my friend) on the journey, wherever it leads.  I so appreciate you and the work!

From my standpoint, the great result from our session is that I am now sleeping in 3 to 4 hour blocks instead of 2 hours!  And I’m sure that “decompressing my high revving engine” helped me cope with all of the tasks of caring for my friend.

I am working with my folks here and no one works like you do." 



Working With Me

A note about your session

All appointments are done over Zoom. An optional recording will be available to you after the appointment. All fees are charged through Venmo. Cancellations are required 48 hours in advance unless otherwise discussed, an emergency or illness. Please notify me if you need to cancel or change your appointment. All other sessions will be charged full rate. 

I reserve a few appointments each month for those who need financial assistance. Please inquire with me if this interests you.

Intuitive Healing.          2 hours: $250

What is the hardest thing you are trying to accomplish and seem to hit a roadblock at every effort? I am guided in this work by your body, mind and spirit. You have the information for the path forward. It is held deeply in your cells, in your innate wisdom on all levels and in your soul. It is absolutely the most beautiful thing in the world to be able to translate the information for you! As the healing unfolds, we engage with your goals on all levels - physical, spiritual and professional - and establish a solid foundation for coherence and balance that serves to sustain growth and healing over time. The final outcome is a renewed sense of possibility and power that you sustain through a set of deeply concrete practices and a nutritional assessment provided in the session. There is opportunity to roll this into an intensive if the work for you is larger than just one session. 

Custom Intensive Program. 6-12 sessions

What is your goal that you have been working at achieving and just cannot seam to get there? What has been challenging for you in your life that you want and need help in healing but thus far it has been out of your grasp? This intensive program is designed to be a focused and dedicated time of working together to reach your goals. It is designed to gather all the information from you~  emotional, physical, mental and your soul.  During this intensive program,  we work together to heal within a context of future possibility. This means that the act of attaining your goals is a healing act. The parts of you that have been stuck in~ illness, trauma, hurt, grief, loss, pain, confusion.. heal because you are going somewhere united and powerful. The timeframe helps us in several ways. Having a beginning, middle and end to the work gives us a way to assess progress and potential. It provides the container by which you can work hard and succeed. Finally, when we are done, you celebration with rest and integration!  Included is a series of intuitive healings, nutritional and physical practices and work at implementation and skill building. The number of sessions included and the cadence of the work is developed specifically to meet your needs. Please inquire so we can work out the cost and time potential. 

Business coach

Are you finding yourself dealing with problems that take you away from the work you really want to be doing in the world? Are you struggling to align your passion with the way you make money? Are you launching your business and needing guidance? Do you need to tap into and ignite your creativity? Are you wanting to grow your business capacity and income? In this program, you and I work together to find your way through your current struggles, questions and ambiguities. We work to chart the path forward so that you can fully develop what your goals are. Then we work to align and achieve exactly what makes you exited to be alive, capable of doing your work and contributing on this planet. In doing this together, we employ all my tools, skills and practices to help you reach your goals.

You can learn more about my business practices and trainings at www.exileleadership.com and at https://thedawn.studio

Please inquire if you are interested and we can talk about how to best meet your needs and a price package. 

About me

My journey into the healing arts began as a Midwife. I received my training in India, Indonesia and the Pacific Northwest from women of great clarity, skill and intelligence. I went on to practice in both the US and Latin America for two decades. I found great joy as well as strength in helping families grow and navigate the full spectrum of fear, uncertainty, trauma, power and love that surfaces during the process of birth and early childhood. My intuitive healing skills were an ally in these settings, introducing us all into the incredible living capacity of life~ to carry us through difficulty into light, joy and possibilities.

With this work as my foundation, I expanded my skill set into children's health, parenting, personal and workplace trauma healing while also building muscle working with complex systems and bloodline disease. In addition, I have refined my skill set well beyond the intimate settings of family, birth and death to helping leaders in private and public companies + organizations world wide transcend previously impossible barriers to growth and possibility. My path is the path of healing, and I believe all of us are here at this moment in time to participate, grow, thrive and lead well beyond the limitations set upon us.